Evaluation Edition

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If this MEET MANAGER product has been provided to you as an Evaluation Edition (or Demo), all the functional capabilities of the production edition are available to you as follows:


You may restore any completed database and view the contents of those databases and view all reports. This can be very useful for Administrative officials to check the meet setup before the meet and to review the meet after the meet. However, editing data is limited to the constraints listed below. If there are more than 25 athletes in the database, you may edit the athlete information pertaining to the athletes, but not the entries.


If starting a new database, you are limited to the following constraints:

You may enter up to 6 events numbered 1 through 6.

You may enter up to 25 athletes in events numbered 1 through 6.

You may enter any number of teams.

You may enter up to 8 relays total if the event number is 1 through 6.

You may enter up to 25 meet entries or 8 relays with seed times in events 1 through 6.

You may enter any number of combined events such as the Pentathlon.

Reports may be previewed but not printed.

Exports of Results to TM and SWIMS, exports of Advancers, and exports of Generic Data in MS Access are limited to events numbered 1 through 6.

Importing Entries is not permitted.


Please click Here for information about how to install MEET MANAGER.  Set up a small meet and review all the reports available to you from HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER software.  Your Evaluation Edition includes all the MEET MANAGER basic product options, so that you can customize your order to meet your particular needs.