Event Comments / Sponsors

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You many want to solicit sponsors for your meet to help offset some of the costs associated with running the meet.  When you sell the Meet program and Results Sheets, you can display the sponsor information as headers for each event.  For example:


Boys 11-12 50 FREE

Sponsor:  Halter Printing

(Call 488-655-9787)


To enter the Sponsor information, click on Events from the Main Menu Bar and then pick an event and click on the Event Comments icon.  MM will display 4 lines of comments for you to use for your information for that particular event.  Whatever you enter for Comments Line 1 will be prefixed by the word "Sponsor:".  Information for Comments Lines 2-4 will be printed as is.



You can also use this feature to display other information about the event.   For example, you could enter the following information in lines 2-4: "At last year's meet, Billy Pratt broke the State Record".


When you print your Meet Program or Meet Results reports, you may optionally choose to print the Sponsor and/or Event Comment information for each event by checking the Event Comments check box.