Export Entries for Diving Only

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Choose this option to export entries Diving computer software products that handle diving events in a High School or College dual meet as well as Diving Meets.  


From the Main Menu Bar, click on File, then Export then Entries for Diving. MM will offer a number of filters such as Team, LSC, Region and Gender.  You may also select the type of events to Export including Standard events, Time Trial Events, or Swim-Off Events. Typically, you would not filter the export and include Standard Events.




MM will create an HY3 Entries file that you would typically export to a diskette and then take to the "Dive Computer" to Import or Merge into the Dive Database. The file name for this Entries export is always in this format: HFilexxx.HY3 where "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with"001". This file may be zipped and if it is, the zipped file name will be: Meet Entries-Meet Name-MeetDate-xxx.zip where "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with"001".