Export Entries for MEET MANAGER Merge

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Choose this option to export entries to another MM Database to be merged into a Master database.  You would use this option if more than one person were doing the data entry work for your upcoming meet.  Person A and person B would export their entries that they had keyed onto a diskette and bring those diskettes to Person C to Import into their Master MM Database.  You would also use it in the case of a Dual meet where both teams have MM and you want even/odd seeding by Team.  The export allows for including the heat and lane so the other team can pick who they want in each lane.


From the Main Menu Bar click on File / Export / Entries for Meet Manager Merge of the same meet. MM will offer a number of filters such as Team, LSC, Region and Gender.  You may also select the type of events to Export including Standard events, Time Trial Events, or Swim-Off Events. Typically, you would not filter the export and include Standard Events.




MM will create an HY3 Entries Results file that you would typically export to a diskette and then take to the "Master Computer" to Import or Merge into the Master Database for this meet.  The file name for this Entries export is always in this format: HFilexxx.HY3 where "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with"001". This file may be zipped and if it is, the zipped file name will be: Meet Entries-Meet Name-MeetDate-xxx.zip where "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with"001".