Export a Start List for an Alpha Scoreboard


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An Alpha Scoreboard is one that displays Athletes' Names and Club Affiliation as well and result times right on the Scoreboard itself.  This Alpha Scoreboard is connected to a separate computer with its own Scoreboard software.


A Start List is the list of Athlete Names or Relays with Team Names that MM can export to diskette to subsequently Import into the Scoreboard computer.  Once that Start List is imported into the Scoreboard computer, each Athlete's Name and Team can be displayed as each heat is swum.




To Export Athletes' Names and Club Affiliation to the Alpha Scoreboard computer, click on File / Export / Start List for Scoreboard. You then have two choices: Start Lists for CTS or Start Lists for Omega. Your next step is to choose where you want the start list files copied to. For CTS, this usually requires copying to a diskette. For Omega, usually you would copy them to a network drive where the scoreboard computer is located. After selecting the file location, you must pick a session. If you have not created any Sessions, go to Events / Sessions to create them. The CTS export will create one file for each event. The Omega export will create a set of 8 text files all of which are required for the Omega scoreboard software to function correctly.


Note: The Omega Start List export requires the HY-TEK Scoreboard Interface option.