How To Export Real-Time Results During the Meet

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The Real-Time Results feature allows you to easily upload results to a web site as a meet progresses.


The first step is to Setup your Web Result Preferences from Run / Preferences / Web Real-Time.

The second step is to Setup your Log-In Parameters.

1.Setup the address, user name, password and working directory.
2.Test the web site connection.
3.Upload the Event Schedule.
4.Upload the default pages.
5.Upload the Psych Sheets.
6.If the meet is already in progress and you are behind getting results up, Upload the Results for any or all sessions.

The third step is to enter your Settings preferences.


As you are running your meet from the MM Pro Run the Meet screen, you will use the F12 key to upload the complete results for the current event round.

Press the F12 key to upload the active event on the Run screen to your Real-Time Results web site. If you are including team scores, this updates the team scores through the event being uploaded.

Important Note: If Meet Mobile is disabled, you will not be able to use F12. Meet Mobile must be enabled in order to upload Real-Time Results.

You can re-export event results as many times as you wish.

If a set of event results has already been exported, the new results for that event will overlay the "old" results for that event.

Remember, you must have checked the Enable F12 check box from the Settings panel of the Web Menu so that Real-Time results will be uploaded to your web site instead of just being stored in the c:\realtime directory.

At any time you can go back to the Web Menu and upload Psych Sheets for future events that may have not been seeded at the beginning of the meet. Such would be the case for the finals of a prelim/final event. So after prelims are over and finals are seeded, you can upload the psych sheets for the finals session.