Import USA Swimming OnLine Entries

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If you are running a USA Swimming high level meet where entries are entered on USA Swimming's OnLine Entry system, then you will be downloading a file from the USA Swimming site that can be imported by MM. This entry file might also be emailed to you by a USA Swimming representative.


To import the file, the meet events must first be setup in MM. After events are setup, click on File / USA Swimming OnLine Entries. MM will ask you to specify where the entry file resides and so you find it on your hard drive and open it. MM will scan the file to be sure it came from USA Swimming and then will tell you some details about the file such as the meet name and date and then ask if you wish to continue. If you continue, the data will be imported and you will receive a report of how many teams, athletes, and entries were imported. If some entries were not imported, an exception report will appear and list those entries not imported.