Meet Summary Report

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Reports / Meet Summary and MM will display the Meet Summary Report screen.

This report is normally printed after the meet has been completed to provide meet results for each team in a format that it is easy to find each Athlete's results.

The Meet Summary can also be used to produce statistics for the teams, the meet host, and the swim organization.

Pick one Session or All Sessions.  Customize how you want the report grouped - by Team with each team's athletes included under their Team or by Athlete with all of the Athletes listed.  You can specify how you wish the Athletes sorted - alphabetically or by age and you can filter the report by gender, age group, team, and if you want splits listed as well as the splits format - cumulative, subtracted, both, or just legal splits. For example, you could request the Meet Summary Report for the team FAST, Girls 11-12 only with both cumulative and subtracted splits.

The Athlete Count can be customized to include or not include Athletes with no entries.

You also have the option of printing a one page Meet Summary Sheet for one specific Athlete.  Just select the 1 Athlete radio button for Report Type and then click on the Pick 1 Athlete tab and pick the Athlete you want.  This is a great report for parents of young swimmers for posting their meet results on their refrigerator.  Some meet hosts even provide a separate computer and printer and offer this report as a source of revenue - for example, $3.00 per Swimmer!

To Memorize a given set of report settings, click Memorize or click the Memorize con Icon-MemorizeExport, provide a name for the memorized report, and the settings will be saved to the Memorized Reports Menu.




Detailed Journal

Click on the radio button to display every athlete with their performance listed including seed time and up to three rounds of swim times - Prelims, Semi's, and Finals.  An "*" will be shown beside the Final Time if the swimmer improved over his/her Seed time.


Summary Totals

Click on this radio button to provide Summary Totals including number of men and women competing in the meet, number and percentage of improved times, number of Scratches and No Shows, and number of Record Breakers.  If you select the by Team format, MM will provide these Summary totals for each Team.  If you select by Athletes format, MM will show these totals for the entire meet.


1st Round Scratches

Select this format to display only the athletes or totals for the Scratches that were made in the "1st round" of the meet.


Record Breakers

Select this format and MM will display a list of Athletes that broke any of the Records setup in the records section.  If you pick by Athlete, this report will be sorted by Event.  If you pick by Team, this report will be sorted by Team and then alphabetically be athlete name.  This report also lists the Heat & Lane of the swimmer that broke the record so that timing console information can be found to attach to the record information.


Time Standard Over Achievers

Select this option to list all of the Athletes that swam an "improved" Time STD.  For example, a swimmer that entered the meet with a BB time and swam an A time would be included in this list.  Click on the radio button "Use Blank Time Standards" to include improvement for a swimmer that entered the meet with No Time STD but swam a time which qualified for a Time STD.


Improved Times Over Seed Time

Select this option to list all of the Athletes that swam faster in the meet when compared with their seed time.


DQ Summary

This selection creates a list of all DQ's from a particular session or from all events. It will include the DQ description if DQ codes were entered with the results. It will also include the name of the official making the DQ call if the official's names were entered into the database. DQ's include stroke infractions as well as DNF's and DFS's.


DQ By Official

This report lists each official alphabetically and after each official's name is a list of entries disqualified by the official.


DQ By DQ Code

This report sorts each DQ by the DQ code along with the official's name who disqualified the entry.


1 Athlete

If 1 Athlete is selected from Report Type, then pick an athlete from the combo box next to the 1 Athlete radio button. This gives you a summary for the one athlete selected and is in a special format.


More Options / Splits

You can customize the Meet Summary reports with the options displayed below. The 1 Athlete per page check box will cause every athlete to be listed on a separate page just as if you had selected the 1 Athlete radio button and picked one athlete from the combo box.