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This New Features List is based on MEET MANAGER 5.0 Da which is the last planned version of the 5.0 release series.




Run Menu

The cumulative splits in the splits window at the top right can now be edited by clicking on any cell. In addition, any splits in the window that are out of range to what mathematically makes sense are highlighted in pink.

If you right click any lane in the splits window, a window with the splits for that lane will be shown. You can select any group of splits to move them right or left depending on where a missing split or bad touch occurred, thus saving time compared to retyping the splits into the window.

The F9 Splits button has been replaced with a Prelims Scratch Sheet. This button brings up a grid with a list of qualifiers from prelims to use as a scratch sheet for finals. You can designate who is scratching from finals, click refresh and the list is resorted so you can easily see who the newly ordered list of qualifiers are. In addition, the grid has a column with the coach cell phone number and a contacted yes or no column.  The coach cell number is taken from the new cell phone number field added to the Edit Teams Menu.

A new column in the event list section has been added next to the three NS/DQ/DFS columns which indicates how many entries in each event still have "?" in the adjust column. If there are any for a given event, the cell is colored yellow so that it stands out..

A new menu choice has been added at the top named "Swim-Off". When clicking Swim-Off, a swim-of event is automatically created for you using the selected event number. If the event is #11, the added swim-off event will be 11S. In addition, this new event will automatically be added to the same session where the selected event / round is located. Before the event is created, you have the option to change the event number or to accept the one Meet Manager proposes.

A new feature has been added to the Run Menu where you can enter the actual start time for each event in a session and then print a session report with the adjusted projected finish time and new estimated start times for events remaining in the session. To enter an actual start time, select a session with F7 in the Run Menu and then right click on an event to enter the actual start time.

When clicking Relay Names, the relays listed in the window that pops up have a number column to the right of each relay which indicates how many athlete names have been entered in positions 1 to 4. This is helpful in quickly seeing which relays are missing names.

When right clicking on a swimmer name, an information window pops up with details about the swimmer and his/her entries. The check boxes for SCR, Alt, Exh, and Bonus can now be clicked to change them without going back to the Athlete Menu. However, you cannot edit the check boxes for the event currently selected in the Run Menu.

At the upper right of the Run Menu there is a date and time which specifies when the database was last updated. This date and time is also displayed at the upper right of the Main Menu.

If a swimmer or relay is disqualified, the swimmer name or relay name is highlighted in dark pink.


Seeding Menu

A new check box has been added named "De-Select after Preview". When checked and when previewing an event, the selected event will be unselected after exiting Preview. The same will apply to the Scratch Pad which also requires that only one event at a time can be selected.

Within the Scratch Pad, the column for the team name is now sortable.

The SCR column in the Scratch Pad has been moved from the far left to in front of the athlete name or relay name to reduce the chance of selecting the wrong athlete or relay when scratching from a list of athletes or relays.


Teams Menu

When editing teams, there is now a left and right arrow to allow movement back and forth through the team list.

Three new check boxes have been added for each team. One prevents a given team from being charged the team surcharge in the entry fee report. The second prevents a given team from being charged the facility surcharge in the entry fee report. The third prevents the athletes for a given team from being charged the athlete surcharge in the entry fee report.

You can check the above mentioned three check boxes in the Team Edit window or by just clicking the appropriate check box within the grid.

You can check the 'Team not eligible for team score rankings' check box just by clicking the check box within the grid column for this option. No need to edit each team one at a time.

For each team, there is a new cell phone contact field that is used in the new Prelims Scratch Sheet found in the Run Menu.  


Athlete Menu

You can now filter the entries at the bottom of the Athlete Menu to more than one session if desired. Clicking the Session button brings up a session list which allows you to check any set of sessions for filtering.

You can select the Sessions Report from the Athlete Menu.        


Relay Menu

In the Relays Menu, next to each relay entry, a prelim column and a finals column have been added which show how many relay names have been added to each relay in positions 1 to 4.


Setup Menu

In Entry / Scoring Preferences there is a new check box to divide mixed relay team points equally to male and female team scores.

The new South Africa Provinces and LSC's have been added to replace the old system..


Sessions Menu

For any given session, a new Chase Start Interval choice has been added. This number can be negative and will only apply to events in long course that are 100's or longer.        



Under License Management, you can now add licenses without inserting a CD. You have a new option to find the license on any drive including a flash drive.

In the officials Menu, when importing officials names, the file format can contain a mixture of fields with quotes and fields without quotes.

Standards can now be entered for diving events in the Time Standards Menu.

When exporting a USS registration file, the file is now automatically zipped.



There is a new format included in the Quantum-AQ file sharing for the scoreboard where up to two records are now included in a separate file named quantum.rec.

UDP Generic Scoreboard external requests now have the option for a listen port and IP Address as well as the current send port and IP Address (coming soon).


Award Labels and Relay Cards

Award Labels for relays now have the option to include the leg split for each of the four labels for a given relay.

For Award Labels, there is new option to include an * after the time if the time is faster than the entry seed time.

For Award Labels, there is new option to limit the event age range for printing award labels. For example, you might only want to print 12 and under events for award labels in which case the event age range must be within 0 to 12. This is not an athlete age filter.

Relay take-off cards, a new feature, can be printed for each relay with event name, team, heat and lane. If there are 8 or fewer lanes, there will be 8 to a page / sheet. If there are 9 or more lanes, there will be 6 to a page / sheet.


Report Features

In the Sessions Report, a new check box named "Include Age Group Count" has been added which allows you to include a list of the number of swimmers in each age group by gender for each session.

In the Sessions Report, a new check box named "Include Actual Start Times" has been added which adds a new column to the session reports with the actual start times that were manually entered in the events grid in the Run Menu. For events not yet completed, new estimated start times are shown.

In the Warm-up Report, the same new check box as in the Sessions Report has been added which allows you to create a list of the number of swimmers in each age group by gender for each session.

In the Results Report, if prior round splits are shown, reaction times are also included for individual events and relays.

In the Results Report, there is a new option to list team scores by Region if Regions have been assigned to teams.

In the Results Report, all results shown with "No Data" are now sorted by seed time.

In the Exceptions Report, the NS/SCR/DQ report has 4 new columns added to show the total number of entries for the event plus the percentages for each of the NS, SCR, and DQ columns.

In the Exceptions Report, the Check Relay Ages option now checks both the prelim round and the finals round, not just the first round.

In the Scores Report, there is a new option to set the minimum team size for Quality Club Scoring from 2 to 20, whereas before it was set permanently to 4.

In the Scores Report, there is a new option to create award labels for team point scores with an additional option to include the team points scored on the label.

In the Medals Report, there is a new option to also show a breakdown of the number of individual medals and the number of relay medals.

In the Backup Button Statistics Report, a new report option has been added to provide adjustment statistics on how many "?", "A", and "K" adjustment codes there are for each event. The report can also be shown only with the summary of statistics for all events selected.

The Entry Fee Report within the Teams Report now honors the check boxes set in the Teams Menu for whether a given team will be charged any of the three surcharges or not. The three surcharges are the Team Surcharge, the Facility Surcharge, and the Athlete Surcharge.


Database Conversion

If MM 6.0 attempts to open an MM 2.0 database, the database will be automatically converted to the MM 6.0 structure. MM 6.0 databases are interchangeable with MM 5.0, MM 4.0 and MM 3.0 databases, but when opening with MM 5.0, the features that come with MM 6.0 will of course not be available.

MM 2.0 versions will not be able to open an MM 3.0 or higher databases. The work around for MM 2.0 users is to install the Free MM 6.0 Demo and use the Demo to view the data, create reports, and create needed export files. The ACTIVE Network Demo for MM 6.0 can be downloaded from the HY-TEK web site at: