Open Water Using Run Menu

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In General, running an Open Water Meet is very similar to running a Pool Meet, but there are a few differences.  Here is a list of the major differences and steps to follow to run an Open Water Meet.


1.Click Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Meet Set-up. Under Meet Type, click the Standard radio button, under Class, pick Open or Age Group.
2.Click Set-up from the Main Menu Bar, click Athlete/Relay Preferences, and check the Enter Competitor Number check box.
3.From the Events Menu, create an individual event for each race. For team relays, see #5 below. Create the individual events for a specific age group or as Open and then use the Multi-Age Group check box to specify your various age groups if you have more than one age group competing in the same race. For the Event Type at the bottom of the screen, click the Open Water radio button.  Under the Distance column, click on the appropriate distance such as 5k, 10k, or 25k. If the distance cannot be selected, click the Custom radio button and then enter your Open Water Event distance - for example, 4000. If the race is Un-Seeded and you just want one large flight, click on the Un-Seeded radio button in the Assign Lanes section and when you seed the event, it will create one list. If you want waves seeded, leave the Assign Lanes choice as Standard and enter a number up to 99 in the number of lanes text box. Seeding the event will create waves (heats) based on the number of positions per wave. If you do not plan to seed, then set Assign Lanes to Un-Seeded.
4.From the Run Menu, there are several ways to enter the results for the individual races. If the event is unseeded, click the Unseeded button to bring up a window which allows you to enter comp#, time, comp#, time, etc. From the Unseeded menu, you can increase the number of positions to any number. If you are swimming in waves, you can add waves by pressing Ctrl-H from the Run Menu and use the Unseeded Menu for each wave. If there are offset times for waves, enter them at the far right just above the heat listing. Another way to enter results is directly into the second column from the left to enter the Competitor Numbers for the first 10 swimmers. Then enter the times for the first 10 swimmers in the Finals column. Click Ctrl-H to add another list of 10 and enter the 11th thru 20th finishers using the same technique for the first 10. Repeat by adding new lists as necessary.
5.For Team Relays, just follow the normal steps in setting up a Relay event in the Events Menu with the Open Water declarations as discussed in #3 above. Each relay event distance must match one or more of the individual Open Water events. Create a separate relay for each category you plan to score such as 5K women, 5k men, and 5k mixed. In the Events Menu, for # of Relay Legs,enter the number of swimmers to include on the relay. This can be from 2 to 6 swimmers.  Then go to the Relays Menu to add relay teams to each event. With each relay, specify from two to six swimmers who are to count for the relay.  You will not have to enter any results for the Team Relays, nor will you have to add up any times. After the individual races are completed with their results entered, just go to Reports / Scores and click the Open Water Team Relays radio button. Select the events and click the Create Report icon. For each relay, all of the individual results will be scanned and the routine adds the times for the best 2 to 6 in each relay depending on how many are required for each relay, and ranks the teams within each event, showing the time for each individual and the total time. This routine also takes the total time and the points scored and inserts this data into the relay database so that team scores can be computed with relays and award labels can be printed for the relays. If the meet is setup as Divisions by Teams and has relay points, each relay is ranked and scored within its appropriate division so that team point scores are allocated to the correct division and award labels reflect the correct rank.


That's it!  Now when you Score each individual event and print results, MM will list the swimmer's that have participated in that Open Water event sorted by age group and gender from fastest to slowest within each group. From Reports / Scores you can instantly generate the team relay scoring.