Purge a Database

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You may want to Purge all or part of your Database for the following situations:


1.This year's meet is exactly like last year's meet including most of the athletes and teams.  So you might want to purge last year's Entries/Results ONLY and then age-up the athletes to this year's meet date.
2.You want to Purge your old "records" and Import in your new ones.
3.You want to purge the Athletes but keep the events and teams from a previous Database.
4.You meet has been completed and you want to purge the Interface Files that have been stored on your hard drive from the Daktronics 1000, Kyrotech, or Omega OSM 6/Ares Timing Consoles.  Interface files are NOT stored on your hard drive when you use the CTS 4/5/6 or Daktronics 6000/2000 Timing Console.
5.Suppose you were "learning" how to use MM and actually ran some events and put in some results.  You may want to "reset" those events before you actually run the meet.
6.You have inadvertently scored some events and you wish to erase the point scores ONLY.
7.The splits have come in to MM from a timer that was incorrectly set to Near and Far End pads when there were no pads at the far end.
8.A team in your meet is flying home after the prelims on the last day and you need to scratch all swimmers and relays that made finals for that day.




Please Note:  These operations are NOT reversible so HY-TEK recommends you make a backup of your current Database before you begin any purge process.