Real-Time Results Setup

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Along with the Network option, the Real-Time Results to the Web optional feature is part of the HY-TEK MM Pro option.  This export feature is very powerful and complete and provides the capability to send an index page, initial default meet program pages (heat sheet or psych sheet) for each event, actual result pages, the last heat completed, and the last event completed to a web site during the meet as the meet progresses.


Web Site Set-up

In order to use this feature, you must first establish a web site either on a Unix server or Windows NT sever.  You might want to link to this web site from your club's or your swim organization's main web site so that anyone can access the meet results as the meet is progressing.  You must also set up what is called an ftp account that IS NOT Anonymous so that MM Pro can export the real-time results of your meet directly to this ftp working directory that you would establish.  An example of an ftp site name is


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Click Here for How To Export Real-Time Results to the Web During the Meet.