ResulTV from Lynx Developers

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ResulTV?by Lynx Developers is a user configurable Windows data display program that can accept data from MEET MANAGER's Scoreboard Interface and converts the data to be shown on any type video board such as Diamond Vision, on a TV, or for use by a projection system. It can be used as a means of producing graphics for television without the need for a Chyron graphics generator.


There are two methods for MEET MANAGER to provide data to ResulTV? serial and file sharing.



HY-TEK's Generic Serial Interface allows you to use a serial cable to connect the COM ports between the HY-TEK computer and the ResulTV?computer. In MEET MANAGER, click on Set-up from the Main Menu Bar then click on Alpha Scoreboard Interface and select Generic Serial. To setup the Interface, click on Scoreboard (Genser) from the Run Menu Bar and select the Communications COM port on the HY-TEK PC by clicking on Open/Close Serial Port for GENSER.  Click on Configure Serial Port to customize the COM port to open at 1200, 2400, 4800, or 9600 baud. The parity, data bits, and stop bits can also be set. The Generic Scoreboard Interface has a feature which allows the HY-TEK operator in the Run Menu to send the current heat start list to the ResulTV?computer by pressing Ctrl-F10. To send the top 8 results to the ResulTV?computer, press Ctrl F-11 when heat one is highlighted. To send 9th - 16th results to the scoreboard, press Ctrl F-11 when heat two is highlighted, and so on.


File Sharing

File Sharing only provides Heat Lists for use by ResulTV? There currently are no results lists created for ResulTV?in this mode. To create start lists for ResulTV?, you must have HY-TEK's Scoreboard Interface option and select Network File Sharing from MM's Set-up / Scoreboard Interface menu. When you are ready to start the meet, click Run / Scoreboard (GNET) / Create Start List and a file named startlist.slx will be created and placed in MM's database folder. MM will create a start list file of the whole meet regardless of the status of the events. So if an event is Un-Seeded, but you have imported or manually entered athletes or relays into lanes, the start lists will still be created for that event. Note that the only time the start list is updated is when you click Run / Scoreboard / Create Start List. So, if you make changes to the lanes during the meet, you need to recreate start lists in order to update the start lists.