Round 1 - Prelims or Timed Finals Setup

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When adding or editing an event, the lower left panel of the Add/Edit window contains the settings for prelims, semis, and timed finals as shown below. There is a different panel for Finals of a multi-round event.




Assign Lanes

Standard: Use the standard lane assignments that were set up in the Seeding Preferences' Standard Lane Assignments.  This is the normal setting for most meets.

Un-Seeded: Directs MM to seed into one large flight either slow-fast or fast-slow.  This is a great option when you want to manually seed the event and then sort the cards to pass to the computer operator to enter the results.  In this case, all of the athletes in the event will be displayed in the Run as one giant heat.

2 per Lane: Requests that a particular event be seeded "2 to a Lane".  This type of seeding is usually used for Long Distance events like the 800/1000 and is only available for Timed Final events. Click Here for more information on this feature.

2 per Choice: Athletes in this event can "choose" whether or not they wish to swim "2 to a Lane".  This option is only available for Timed Final events. For more on 2 per lane, click here.


Heat Order

Note there is a separate Heat Order for both the initial rounds and the final round.

Slow to Fast means seed the event with the slowest entry time in Heat 1 and thus the fastest heat is the last heat.

Fast to Slow means seed the event with the fastest entry time in Heat 1 and thus the fastest heat is the first heat.


Special Settings

Timed Final Lane Variations: In a 10 lane pool, you might want to seed 10 lanes for all heats, but you want the fastest heat to be seeded in 8 lanes. To set this up, enter 10 for number of lanes, check the check box just under the number of lanes and to the right and enter 8 Lanes for Best 1 Heats.

Timed Final A/B/C Style: For Timed Finals, you can specify to score the event like it was a second round A - Final, B Final Style. This would mean the fastest heat would get the 1st thru 8th places and points, the second fastest heat would get 9th thru 16th and so on depending on the number of heats you specify. Each heat would stand alone as far as places. Thus, if the fastest time for the whole event was in the second to last heat, that entry would still only get 9th place. Check the box that says Score as A - Final, B - Final Style and enter the number of heats to score from 1 to 6. If you entered 3 for number of heats, this would be like having an A - Final,  a B - Final, and a C - Final.

Timed Final Super Seed: If the event is multi-age group timed finals, you can also specify to seed it as a Multi-Age Group Super Seed where the fastest heat has the top entries for the highest age group, the second fastest heat has the top entries for the next age group, and so on. After the fastest heat for each age group has been seeded, the remainder are mixed by age and sorted by time as in normal timed final seeding.