Run a BCSSA Meet

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The British Columbia Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) is the largest aquatic association in British Columbia. When BCSSA is selected for ID Format in the Meet Setup, MM will conform to the parameters required by the BCSSA swimming rules. The following is a list of features built into MM when BCSSA is selected.


In the Meet Setup, the Meet Type can be either Standard or Divisions by Event, the Base Country must be Canada, and the Class must be Age Group.

The Divisions will be built in to match the BCSSA divisions and these divisions cannot be changed.

Events may be set up with any event numbers.

If the Meet Type is setup as Standard, then all individual events are considered to be like Multi-Age Group, but really are Multi-Division. The results will be automatically separated by Division and in Prelim/Finals events, there will be a final for each Division. However, divisions O8 and S8 will be seeded and scored together. Relay events must be assigned a Division and cannot be Multi-Division.

If the Meet Type is setup as Divisions by Event, one division must be assigned to each event . The Multi-Age Group check box is disabled and the age range for each event is disabled since the division determines the eligibility of each swimmer for the event.

Multiple Records can be setup for each event and can be exported to a file that will have a .bcs extension. Only HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER and TEAM MANAGER can import this exported record file.

Multiple Time Standards can be setup and can be exported to a file that will have a .stb extension. Only HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER and TEAM MANAGER can import this exported time standards file.

In the Athlete Menu, all athletes must be assigned either an S for a Summer swimmer or an O for Winter swimmer. No athlete ages are entered, but a birth date is required. The birth date and the O or S category determines which division the swimmer must compete in. The registration ID may be manually entered or can be imported from TEAM MANAGER when importing entries from TM.

BCSSA meets have the option to run as Divisions by Time Standards under the Divisions by Event Meet Type. This would allow the BCSSA meet to run like any other Divisions by Time Standards meet.

All reports will display the swimmer's two character division code where the age would normally be displayed.

MEET MANAGER features for entering athletes, entering individual entries and relays, seeding, entering results, scoring, and creating reports are the same for BCSSA as for any other meet.