Run a Combined Able Bodied and Disabled Meet

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This discussion is for meets which have a few Disabled athletes competing in a standard meet of Able Bodied athletes. Disabled athletes have classifications for different strokes and levels of disability, whereas Able Bodies athletes do not. For each disabled athlete, he or she must have their three disability codes assigned within the Athlete Menu. Results for each event with both abled and disabled will separate the disabled athletes from the able bodied athletes.


Here is a list of steps for you to follow to handle the disabled athletes in a standard meet.


1.Click Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Meet Set-up. Under Meet Class, select either Standard or Division by Event. Click OK to close the Meet Set-up Menu.
2.Click Set-up / Entry/Scoring Preferences / Disability Meets. If you want Paralympic Points shown next to each disabled athletes results, select one of the three Paralympic Point Systems. If you want disabled athletes to be ranked by Paralympic Points instead of by time, check the Rank Results for Multi-Class Athletes using the Paralympic Point System check box. For events that are prelim/final, if you do not want disabled atheltes to advance to finals, check the do not advance Multi-Class Athletes to Finals, just rank like Timed Finals check box. If disabled athletes are allowed to advance to finals, then one final will be created for the disabled athletes.
3.From the Events Menu, create the events as you normally would. If you assign multi-age groups to an event, the disabled athletes will be scored separately as in all other events, but will be ranked together as if the age group is Open.
4.        Import your entries or manually enter the entries. In the Athlete Menu, change the athlete status for each disabled athlete to Disabled and make sure you enter the 3 multi-class stroke classifications.
5.Relays are not designed to separate Disabled relays from Able Bodied relays.


That's it!  Now when you Run and Score the Meet, MM will automatically break out Place/Finish Scoring with separate results for Disabled Athletes.