Run a Totally Deck Seeded Meet

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A Totally Deck Seeded Meet is one in which you DO NOT want the computer to seed the event by time - in other words, you want to manually assign every entry for every event their respective heat and lane. An example of this kind of meet might be a High School or College Dual Meet in which the coach does not disclose his/her lineup until the events actually begin.


When you set up each event, click on the Manual Seed button so that if you mistakenly tell MM to seed that event, MM will NOT do it.


Please refer to the Section How To Deck Seed an Entry - MM offers you 5 different options to manually seed an event.   HY-TEK suggests using option 2 or 3 as described in this Section if it is important to have swimmers in their assigned lanes - for example, you might be using a Timing Console to import the times and splits where it is critical to have the swimmers assigned to the correct lanes.  For options 2 or 3, use the Adjust feature either from the Seed Screen or the Run Screen.  That way when you go to event 7 the Women's 100 FREE, you have a list of all the eligible Women and you can click and drag those athletes into the Heat and Lane that you assign.


But if you are not using a Timing Console and do not care about lanes assignments, choose option 5.  As you are setting up your events for the meet, from the Events screen select "Un-Seeded" under the Assign Lanes heading for the events you wish to Deck or Manual Seed.  Then when you go and Seed that event and subsequently RUN the meet, MM will display all of the Athletes in the event on the RUN screen sorted Fast-Slow or Slow-Fast as you specified in the Event Set-up.  Then as results are provided to you for the entire event sorted by time, you can quickly find the swimmers and enter their times right on the Run screen.