Run a Dual Meet

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A Dual Meet is a Timed Final Meet in which only two teams compete. A 3+ Team Dual Meet is where there are three or more teams competing with multiple dual meets being scored simultaneously. You can manually Deck Seed the meet, or you can have MM seed based on team lane assignments. But for College or High School dual meets, many times the coach does not declare who is swimming an event until right before the event begins.  In this case, you would want to Deck Seed the event.


1.From the Main Menu Bar, click Set-up / Meet Set-up. Under Meet Style, select either 2 Team Dual or 3+ Team Dbl Dual, and then click OK.
2.From the Main Menu Bar, click Set-up / Entry/Scoring Preferences. Select the 2 or 3+ Double Dual tab, click the command button and pick the team pairings you want for scoring. You may have multiple teams and only want to score the boys for one pairing and both boys and girls for another pairing. Click Here for details on selecting the team pairings.  
3.If you want to assign lanes to each team for Seeding, from the Main Menu Bar, click Set-up / Seeding Preferences. Select the Dual Meets tab and drag the teams to the lanes each will be assigned. Click Here for more details on assigning the lanes.
4.After assigning the lanes and after the athlete entries and relay entries are entered, go to the Seeding Menu to quickly seed the teams into the lanes you have assigned.
5.Enter results from the Run Menu and the team scores will show on the screen. To show team scores after each event's result report, from the top of the Run Menu, click Preferences / Results for List and Score and check the box for Team Scores.
6.To print final results in the standard dual meet format, go to Reports / Results and select Dual Meet Format at the bottom for the Report Type.