Run a Combined Event Such as a Pentathlon Meet

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A Combined Event Meet is one where the cumulative results for multiple events are added up to determine a winner. The most common type of Combined Event is a Pentathlon where each athlete swims the same five events in their age group. These events can be any five events from the meet and is setup in the Combined Events section of MM. Individual Ranking is then based on either the total time of those five swims added together or the total points scored from those five swims. The Point System can be any of 8 different point systems where the HY-TEK Points would probably be the best point system to use.



When using Total Time for the ranking method: If an athlete is DQ'd from one of the events, you have the option to include that athlete in the Place rankings and Awards for Combined Event if you have checked the box for Use result time for DQ'd swims if using total time for rankings in the Scores Report Menu.

When using Total Points for the ranking method: If an athlete is Scratched, No Shows, or is DQ'd, the athlete will get zero for the point score for those events. If your requirement is that every event must be completed to be ranked, then be sure to Un-Check the check box for Include NT's, NS's, and DQ's in rankings in the Scores Report Menu.

During the meet and before all events are completed, you can get a temporary ranking of all athletes regardless of how many events each has completed if you check the box for Include NT's, NS's, and DQ's in rankings in the Scores Report Menu. This is very useful for listing the results after 3 of 5 events have been completed.


The basic steps to setup and run a Combined Event Meet is as follows:

From the Events Menu, enter the individual events in any order.

From the Events Menu, click Combined Events at the top and add a combined event for every age group you want to score such as 11-12 Girls Pentathlon. There is no limit to how many Combined Events you can create and you can mix Heptathlons, Decathlons, Pentathlons, etc.

Within each Combined Event, drag over the events to be contested within the Combined Event. The order of the individual events within the Combined Event can be in any order.

Run your meet just like you would any other meet.

To get the running totals during the meet or after the meet, go to Reports / Scores and select Combined Events instead of Standard Events. Select one or more of the Combined Events and create your report. A spreadsheet will be created for each event.

The Scoring for the Pentathlon or any other Combined Event is determined by the choice at the bottom of the Reports / Scores Menu. You can select Swum Time or Spec Pts. If Spec Pts is chosen, it uses the Special Point System selected in Setup / Entry Scoring Preferences. We would suggest using HY-TEK Age Group Points unless the Combined Events are setup in Single Year age groups, in which case we suggest using HY-TEK Single Year Points. .

To create award labels for the Combined Events, click the Combined Event Award Labels tab at the bottom of Reports / Scores.