Scratch Pad

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The Scratch Pad allows you to easily see the entries for a given event to make last minute changes before seeding. It is usually used in conjunction with the Check-in Sheet to remove from seeding those who did not check in for a particular event.

Highlight the event on the Event List and click the ScratchPad icon Icon-Sessions  to display the Scratch Pad Browser such as the one shown below. After making changes in the Scratch Pad, one would normally proceed to Start Seeding.

You can sort the list by Athlete Name by clicking the Name column header or by Entry Time by clicking the Time column header.

To scratch or un-scratch an entry, click the box in the SCR column. Scratched entries will not be seeded.

To mark an entry as an alternate or to remove the alternate status, click on the box in the ALT column. Alternates will not be seeded.

To mark or un-mark an entry for exhibition, click on the box in the EXH column. Exhibition entries will be seeded.

To mark an entry as Bonus, check the Bonus check box. Bonus entries will be seeded. The Bonus check box is used for indicating an extra entry for a given athlete that maybe did not meet the qualifying time.

You can also enter or delete any of the Special characters ( *, #, !, and $). Any entry with a special character will not be seeded.

MM also offers you the option to Scratch Back to a certain number of entries for the one event. For example, if you want the event to only seed the top 8 and leave 2 alternates, click on the Scratch Back icon Icon-ScratchBack, enter 8 for the number to leave un-scratched, and enter 2 for the number of alternates. See also the Scratch Back Section where you can perform this task on many events at one time.

To clear all scratches or bonus entries for the event, click on the Clear Scratches icon Icon-RemoveAll and all check marks in the SCR column can be removed and or all the check marks in the Bonus column can be removed.

After you have made changes, click on the Save icon Icon-Save and MM will save your changes to the database. If you do not Save the changes, the changes will be discarded.

You can sort the Gender column, the Name column, the Age column, the Team/School column or the Time column.




For timed final events where the events are being swum in two sessions (such as the 800 / 1500, and relays), there is a method to allow for marking athletes as swimming Early and these athletes will be seeded in the first session rather than the later session. Note in the example below that two athletes would be scheduled to swim in the final heat at night, but have elected to swim Early in the morning session. The 9th place seed also elected to swim early since with two ahead of him electing early, he would have moved up into the night final.