Seed "2 to a Lane"

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Typically, you might want to seed two swimmers to a lane for long distance events in order to minimize the time required to complete those events.  Usually two swimmers in one lane is used only for a Long Course Meter meet.  There are two ways you might want to swim two swimmers in one lane.


_bm3You might want to start one set of swimmers from one end of the pool and a second set from the other end.
_bm3Or, you might want to send a second set of swimmers off say 15 seconds after the first set leaves the blocks - this form of 2 to a Lane is usually called "chasing".


There are two steps that you must complete in order to set up your Seeding for 2 to a Lane.


_bm3Click on Events from the Main Menu bar to actually declare the event as "2 to a Lane" and indicate if you wish the athlete to have a "choice" to swim either 1 or 2 to a Lane or whether they will be "required" to swim 2 to a Lane. Click Here to find out more information on how to set this up.
_bm3When you set up entries for each Athlete and have declared that event as offering the athlete a "choice" to swim 2 to a Lane, click on the 2 to a Lane check box to declare that you want that swimmer to swim as "2 to a Lane" or do not check it if you want the swimmer to be seeded the normal one to a Lane.  If the Event has been set up to "require" that every swimmer entered in that event swim 2 to a Lane, then checking the 2 to a Lane box is not required.


Now when you go to seed that event, MM will seed it normally but indicate on the Heat Sheet either "A End" or "B End" next to the heat number to let the swimmers know that they will swim either from one end of the pool or the other, or that they are first or second in the water if they are "chasing".


Please note that as far as heat assignments and entering results, there is no difference as far as MM is concerned between one or two in a lane.  If it is an 8 lane pool and there are 32 swimmers, it's still 4 heats numbered 1 through 4.