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Since conversions are really "estimates" of what a swim time would be in another course, many High Level meets do not use course conversions for seeding purposes.  Therefore,  if an entry time does meet the qualification time to swim in the meet, but has been swum in a different course from what the meet is being swum, you might want to specify that these "Non-Conforming Times be seeded last.


For example, if you are running a Long Course Meter Meet, then entries in either Yard or Short Course Meters would be entered as "Non-Conforming times".  You might want to tell MM to seed entry times in the 3 courses as LSY order - that is LC Meters first, then SC Meters, then Yards.


Click on File from the Main Menu Bar, then Set-up, then Seeding Preferences and click on the Prelims and/or Finals check boxes titled "Seed non-conforming times Last" and then specify the course order for seeding.  Then when you actually seed the meet, MM will honor the non-conforming course order that you have specified.