Setup and Run Diving


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MM is setup to handle the standard High School and College Diving events for 1 Meter, 3 Meter, and Platform.  You set up the appropriate events, specify who is diving, enter the diving points, and MM will rank and score the Divers.  HY-TEK's MM also supports running a complete Diving Meet by importing Results and Exporting Entries to eDive.


Here are the steps to follow to run the Diving portion of your meet.


1.Click on Events from the Main Menu Bar and then click on the Add Events buttons; you can specify either 1 Meter, 3 Meter, or Platform as an event under the Stroke column.  You may also specify the number of rounds - 1, 2 or 3 rounds for Diving.


2.To declare an Athlete in a Diving event, click on Athletes from the Main Menu Bar and highlight the athlete you are choosing, Then use the Athletes Browser to pick the Diving event.  Or if this is a new Athlete, click on the Add Athletes button and enter the Diver's name, team, etc. and then specify that he/she is entered in a specific Diving Event.  Since there are no "entry times" in Diving, MM will default to an Entry time of NT.


3.Seed the Diving Event by clicking on Seeding from the Main Menu Bar and then pick the Diving event(s) and click on Start Seeding.  "Seeding" in Diving means to assign a random order for the participants to make their dives.  Therefore, the result of Seeding a Diving Event is not a Heat and Lane assignment as in Swimming events, but a Rank Order to actually make the dives for a specific round.


4.After the Divers have been assigned a diving order, click on Run from the Main Menu Bar and pick a Diving event.  Then enter the total diving scores for each Diver in the format xxx.xx or xxxxxx.  Examples of diving scores are "113.5", "11350", "114.00". You can also enter the total degree of difficulty of all optional dives in the format xx.x which is located in the column before the point score column. Now click on the Score or List  button and MM will rank the diving results accordingly.



If your meet requires 3 Rounds for Diving and you want to "cut" divers for each round, please check out the following procedure.



Set up the event to be 3 rounds (prelims/semis/finals). The cut count after prelims is set by the number of lanes for prelims times the number of heats for semis, so if you want 12 for the 1st cut, make it 2 heats for semis and 6 lanes for prelims. If you are cutting to an odd number like 11, let it seed 12 and then scratch the 12th person out by double clicking his/her name in the Preview Menu. The number to cut to for finals is determined by the number of lanes in finals times the number of heats in finals.