Setup a SwimOff

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A SwimOff occurs in a multi-round event, when there is a tie for an advancement to the next round.  For example, if we are running a Championship Meet in an 8 lane pool advancing two heats to the Final round as an A-Finals and a B-Finals, and there is a tie in Prelims for 7th place, there must be a way of assigning one of the athletes to the A-Finals and the other to the B-Finals.


In a SwimOff, the athletes that are tied for the advancement must swim the event again.  The fastest time advances to the faster heat in the next round.  In our example above, if Sally and Jessica tied for 8th place with a time of 50.11 for event 10, the 100 FREE, they would swim the 100 FREE again with the winner advancing to the A-Finals and the slower time advancing to the B-Finals.


Set up a new event for the 100 FREE, call it event 10S and click on the Swim-Off Event button in the Add Event screen.  Be sure to specify only one round for this SwimOff event and turn off the Score Event radio button.  Now Deck Seed the tied athletes in Event 10S in the appropriate lanes then wait for them to swim and print the Heat Sheet for the referee.  Enter the SwimOff results in Event 10S from the Run Screen.  Now pull up the Prelim event 10 and use the Judge抯 Decision button to edit the Prelim place for the tied athletes so that when you seed the next round, they will be assigned the correct Heat and Lane based on their place in Prelims.  In our example, if Sally won the SwimOff, you would edit Jessica's Prelim place and change it from 8th to 9th.  Then when MM seeds the next round for event 10, Sally is assigned the slowest lane in A-Finals and Jessica is assigned the fastest lane in B-Finals.


Please Note: After the first round of each event, in the Event Results Report, MM will "flag" any ties requiring a SwimOff.  These "ties" must be resolved before the next round can be seeded.