Time Standards Meet

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Setup / Entry Scoring Preferences / Time Stds Meet and you can set the following preferences. These rules only apply to meets set-up with the Meet Type as Divisions by Time Standards.




For a three time standards meet, such as an A/B/C meet, you may customize how you want Point Scoring and Awards based  either on the Athlete's Entry Time or on the Swum Finals Time.  For example, an athlete may have entered the meet with a B time but swam an A time.  Do you want him/her ranked with the B Athletes (seed time) or with the A Athletes (swum finals time) ?




You may also customize how you wish to award Places, Points, and Awards to Over achievers and Under achievers.  For example, an Over achiever is an athlete that entered the meet with a B time but swam an A time.  An example of an Under achiever is an athlete who entered the meet with an A time and swam a B time. If you do not allow Points and Awards to be given to either Over achievers and/or Over achievers, they will be ranked in the results under a non-Award category.