Add or Edit Combined Events

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To setup a Combined Event, click on Events from the Main Menu Bar and then click on the Combined Events icon.  Now click on the Add icon Icon-Add to show the screen below and fill out the information.




Combined Event #

Start with the event number and enter any alphanumeric number where the event number can range from 1001 to 1099, optionally followed by a single letter.



Specify the event Gender.  When adding combined events, if you want MM to automatically alternate the sex of the event, click on the Alt Sex check box.  After you have entered all your data for the event, for example, for event 1001 girls Pentathlon, then click OK, the girls event is added and the screen is re-displayed exactly as before except that the gender has been switched to boys. Simply click OK again and the boys event will be added.



If the meet is set-up as Divisions by Event, select from the Division pull-down list to assign a Division, such as JV to event.  For this combo box to be active, the Meet Type in Meet Set-up would have to be Divisions by Event.


Age Group

Enter the Age Group information by clicking on the appropriate age group radio button or click Custom and enter a special age group such as "12-18", "0-12" for 12 & under, or "13-109" for 13 & over.



Select one of the nine Combined Event Types. A Pentathlon would have five events to be scored with combined points and a Heptathlon would have seven events.