Custom Qualifying Times

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Custom Qualifying Times are only necessary when:

1.You have separate events that are identical except for their qualifying times. For example, event 1 and 2 might both be the 10 & under 100 breast, but event 1's qualifying time is faster than an A time and event 2's qualifying time is slower than A, but faster than B. The example below illustrates this concept.
2.You have some events that use faster than qualifying times and other events that use slower than qualifying times.





In order for the Slower Than and the = or Faster columns to appear, you must check the "Custom Qual Times" check box.

If you also check one or two of the "For Entry Qual" check boxes, they will be used for events that do not have any custom qualifying times. In the screen below, the qualifying times will be the same as those for the above screen. Notice that the even numbered events will still use the range between the A and B times.