Daktronics OmniSport 6000


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Click on Set-Up from the Main Menu Bar and then Timing Console INTERFACE. Now click on the Daktronics OmniSport 6000 radio button and then click OK.


Hardware Requirements

The HY-TEK computer is connected to the OmniSport 6000 with a null modem cable. Click Here for information on the difference between a null modem cable and a straight serial cable. The null modem cable should have 9 pin female connector on both ends. Connect the null modem cable to COM PORT 1 on the OmniSport 6000 and to the male serial port on the HY-TEK computer. The COM port number for the HY-TEK computer can be any number from 1 to 60, but is normally 1 to 8. To verify the COM port number on the HY-TEK computer, go into Control Panel in Windows and go into System and check Device Manager. If your HY-TEK computer does not have a serial port, you will need to purchase a USB to serial adaptor and install the software than comes with the adaptor.


Checking Your Connection

Click Run from the Main Menu Bar, click Interfaces then Timer, and then choose Open Serial/Close Port. MM will ask that you specify the computer COM port that is connected to your OmniSport 6000 - you may select COM 1-60. Click OK and MM will send a request to the OmniSport 6000 to verify that the connection is working. If you do not get an immediate response, then it means there is a problem either with the cable, the serial ports, or the OmniSport not being turned on with the Main screen selected. MM will wait five seconds for a response before indicating it cannot communicate.


If you get a negative response, the serial port will be reset to 0. After checking the connections, you will have to reopen the port until you are successful. At any time after the serial port is successfully opened, you can test the communication by clicking on Timer and then clicking on Test Communication and MM will again make the Version request to the OmniSport 6000. If you get a message that says "Port already Open", it means some other program is running and has control over the port. Sometimes Palm Pilot's HotSync program is running and locks the port and you will need to disable Hot Sync.


Downloading Events to the OmniSport 6000


Select the "Timing Console Meet"

Every time you power on the OmniSport 6000, it creates a new "meet" defined with the current date and time. Previous "meets" are stored in the OmniSport 6000 with their unique date and time. The INTERFACE defaults to pointing to the most current meet in the OmniSport 6000 and Names that meet "CURRFILE". After you have checked the connection to the OmniSport 6000, you can change the "meet" that the INTERFACE is pointing to by clicking on Interfaces then Timer and clicking on Select Meet in DAK6. The INTERFACE will display a window with the date and time for the currently selected meet. Click on the Next Meet or Previous Meet buttons to select the appropriate set of meet data stored in the OmniSport 6000. You would only access prior meet data if you needed to correct a previous session's results to, for example, pull over a DQ'd athlete's splits and time. To point to the active meet going on in the pool, always point to the meet named "CURRFILE".


Please Note

HY-TEK recommends that before every meet session, you turn off the OmniSport 6000 and then power it back on to force the OmniSport 6000 to start a new meet. That way each OmniSport 6000 session has its own set of data. This is especially important in Prelim/Final meets because the OmniSport 6000 cannot store results for Prelims and Finals for the same event in the same "OmniSport 6000 meet".


Reading in Results From the OmniSport 6000

As each athlete touches the pad in his or her lane, a time is stored in the OmniSport 6000 timer. When a given race has been completed and the Timer operator has pressed Store Print, the finish times and the split times are stored in the memory of the OmniSport 6000 and are immediately available to MM.


From the Run Menu, there are two ways to request times from the OmniSport 6000:

1.By Event/Heat using the Get Times button.
2.By Race Number using the Race # button.


Click one of the links below for how to bring times in from the timer.

Get Times Button.

Race # Button