Download Event Setups to the CTS 5 or CTS 6

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This feature provides the ability to download the MM event list to the CTS 5 or CTS 6 timing console. This feature is included when you purchase The INTERFACE option. Note the CTS 4 does not have the ability to receive event setups. This feature is a great time saver and will be appreciated by your CTS 5 or CTS 6 timer operator. All events listed in the Run Menu screen can be downloaded, and once downloaded, the event numbers and event titles will be stored in the timer and can be printed on the CTS 5 or CTS 6 printer as the event is being run. Note that the number of heats is not downloaded to the timer. The operator has to increment the heat number when necessary. So, instead of having to key in meet and event setups into the CTS 5 or CTS 6, like Event 1 BOYS 11-12 100 FREE FINALS, the INTERFACE provides the information directly with NO data entry and NO mistakes!


The CTS 5 or CTS 6 timer will accept your new setups ONLY if:

1.The timer is in the RESET mode (i.e. not running race and not in Setup mode).
2.The Remote Setup mode has been enabled on your timer. To enable Remote Setups, select Setups on the CTS 5 main menu and then "down arrow" to the "hardware" selection and "turn on" the Allow Remote Setup selection. Now select Quit to exit from the Hardware menu.


The INTERFACE will transfer event set-ups ONLY if:

1.Your MM is in the Run module selected by clicking Run from the Main Menu bar.
2.The current session (or All Events) selected does not have the same event listed twice and none of the events have alpha-numeric event numbers.


Downloading Event Setups

Click on Timer again from the Run Screen Menu Bar and then click Download Events to CTS 5/6. MM will display the CTS 5/6's 8 slots (Event Sequences numbered 2-9) for storing meet event setups. HY-TEK recommends you choose slot 8 or 9. Slots 2-7 will only allow you to download 100 events whereas slots 8 and 9 allow 240 events. After choosing the slot, click OK and the event set-ups will download to the CTS 5/6 in 5 to 30 seconds depending on how many events are to be transferred. After the Download has been completed, review/print your new setups from the CTS 5/6 timer. Also notify your CTS 5/6 timer operator which Event Sequence slot you have set up for your meet so that he/she can be properly prepared.


Note that some of the slots are already set up for meets like Girls and Boys High School. Having these 8 slots allows you to set up eight different types of meets and/or sessions. For example you might choose slot 5 for Masters meets and event 6 for your YMCA Dual meets. The title given to your setups is the name of the meet that you entered in the Meet Setup section - but you may edit or change this default name as you wish. For a multi-session meet, you may want the Event Sequence (slot) title to contain the session number.