Download Event Setups to the OmniSport 2000 Timing Console

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This feature provides the ability to download your currently selected MM "Run the Meet" event or session list to the OmniSport 2000 timing console. This feature is included when you purchase The INTERFACE option and is a great time saver which will be appreciated by your OmniSport 2000 timer operator. All events for the current session will have event numbers and event titles available. So, instead of having to key in meet and event setups into the OmniSport 2000, like Event 1 BOYS 100 FREE 11-12 FINALS, the INTERFACE provides the information directly with NO data entry and NO mistakes!


Advantages of the OmniSport 2000 over the OmniSport 6000 When Downloading Events

There are three new features in the OmniSport 2000 compared to the OmniSport 6000:

_bm7The Event Download from MM to the 2000 allows an alpha-numeric event range from 1A to 999Z while the 6000 only allows event numbers from 1 to 150.
_bm7The Event Download from MM to the 2000 allows you to download both the prelims round, the semi-finals round, and the finals round in the same download where the 6000 would only accept one round.
_bm7The Event Download from MM to the 2000 allows you to download a session with any event number order and that order will be maintained by the 2000 regardless of the round or number, so when you press Next Event, you get the next event in the session order and not just the next event number as you did with the 6000.


Downloading Event Setups

First ready the OmniSport 2000 by turning it on and selecting Swimming as the Program. In MM, click on Interfaces then Timer from the Run Screen Menu Bar and then click Download Events to DAK2. MM will prompt you to click Yes to begin download of events displayed at the top left of the "Run the Meet" screen. The download will only take a few seconds. If the serial port in MM has not been opened, then refer to the next section.