Download Event Setups to the IST

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To create an event schedule for the IST system, you must have HY-TEK's Timing Console Interface and select Generic Network File Sharing for IST or Quantum-AQ from MM's Set-up / Timing Console Interface menu. When you are ready to start the meet, click Run / Scoreboard / Timer (GNET) / Download Events to GNET and a file named generic.sch will be created and placed in MM's database folder. MM will create a meet schedule of events and event names for all events listed at the top left of the Run Menu. If you have several sessions, then click the Sessions button at the middle left of the Run Menu and pick a session before downloading events to GNET.


To set-up IST to load this generic.sch event list, go into the IST TimeWare software and click Utilities / Event List. Select Import, then type in a name for the list. Then in the next box, select the drive where the list is found such as E or F, select the folder (probably swmeets), then select the generic.sch file, then import it.