Dolphin Stand Alone Operation

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In the Stand Alone Mode, MM treats the Dolphin system of wireless watches as the primary times for results. This Interface mode is built into MM at no extra charge.


HY-TEK Software Set-up for Stand Alone Operation

Click on Set-Up from the Main Menu Bar and then Timing Console INTERFACE. Now click on the Colorado Time Systems Dolphin or the Colorado Time Systems Dolphin with Splits radio button on the left side and then OK.



First, plug in the wireless base unit's USB cable. Start the Dolphin software exe. On each wireless watch and the wireless starter unit, press and hold the Reset button to turn them on. If the system is operating correctly, the Dolphin software should have a green light on for each lane that has a wireless watch assigned to it. Minimize the Dolphin software. Start HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER. If MEET MANAGER was already running, you can start the Dolphin exe from within MM by going to Run / Interfaces / Timer (CTSD) / Start Dolphin.exe.


To time a race, press the Start/Stop button on the wireless starter unit when the race begins. This starts all of the wireless watches. The timers only need to stop their watch when the swimmer hits the finish. When all watches have been stopped, the wireless starter unit should be stopped. As soon as the wireless start unit's reset button is pushed, the Dolphin software writes a result file to the C:\CTSDolphin folder on the computer and the next race can be started.


From the Run Menu in MEET MANAGER, click on Get Times and a list of Dolphin result files for the current Data Set (see below for information about data sets) will be displayed with the most recent file at the top. Select the result file and MM will read the data into the proper lanes, putting the times into the backup columns for the heat. If the backup columns are not showing in the Run menu, press Ctrl-B. If there is one watch for a given lane, that time will also be placed in the result column. If there are 3 watch times for a given lane, the middle time will be placed in the result column. If there are two watches for a given lane, the average will be computed and will be placed in the result column. The average is computed based on the rule choice selected in Run / Preferences / Backup Times. Please note that if there is more than .3 seconds difference between the two wireless watch times, the average result time will NOT be computed, a yellow line will show for this lane, and the Download Alert window will appear indicating athletes and results do not match. This means you must decide whether to throw out one of the watch times if you determine one of them is way off. If you are ok with the two times, then click Ctrl-K to display the watch averaging menu and it will compute the average for you and place it in the result column. If one of the times is no good, delete it and use Ctrl-K, or simply type in the time for the one good watch.


If you are keeping track of races by Race Number (see discussion below), you can use the Race # button instead of the Get Times button. This button increments itself by 1 automatically and searches the data set of results for a matching race number. This is the quickest way to get results if you are keeping up with the race numbers.


How to Select a Data Set for your Meet