Enter Multiple Watch Times

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If you are not using a Timing Console with pads or buttons to time your meet, then your only other option is to have 1-3 watches on each lane. MEET MANAGER can help make this process a little easier by automatically "calculating" the right time based on the multiple watch times as follows:


2 Watches - MM will use your Backup Times Averaging Preference choice.

3 Watches - MM will choose the middle time.


First click on Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Timing Console Interface and then pick Stop Watch Timing from the list.  That selection tells MM that you will not be using a Timing Console for timing and will help you calculate the correct time from multiple watch times.


When you are actually running the meet, press Ctrl-B so that you can key in 2 or 3 watch times for each lane.  After those 2 or 3 watch times are entered for each Athlete/Relay Result for that one Heat, Press Ctrl-K and MM will show you the calculated time for each lane.  Click OK and MM will store the calculated time for each lane into your Database.