Export Records

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Events / Records. Or from the Main Menu, click the Records short-cut icon iconMainRecords.  Highlight the Record Tag Name at the bottom that you wish to export and then click on the Export at the top of the Records screen. MM will ask for confirmation - click OK and MM will export the records file and ask you to specify the destination drive and file name.


If you are setting up a new meet, you might want to move records that were set up in a previous meet to your new MM Database so that you do not have to re-key them. When exporting, you choose one record tag at a time and it creates a .rec file which can be copied to a diskette or Hard Drive to be imported later into your upcoming meet's Database or into TEAM MANAGER. If your meet is setup as a BCSSA meet, records will be created with a .bcs file extension. If your meet is setup as Masters, records will be created using the masters record file format (.lcm, .scm, .scy file extensions).