Export USA-S Registration

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This is a great feature when as the meet host, you want to make sure that all the swimmers entered in your meet are currently registered with USA Swimming.  Choose this option to export all of your swimmers with their USA-S Registration ID Number as they were imported or keyed.  Please make sure you run the Exception Report to check that all of your swimmers have a legitimate USA-S Registration ID number.  If they do not, go back to the Athlete browser and enter one.


From the Main Menu Bar click on File / Export / USA-S Registration. After making selections to the typical screen as shown below, click OK and MM will create a zip file containing the standard SD3 export file that contains the names of the swimmers in the meet along with their Team and USA-S Registration ID. The meet name and meet date are used for the zip file name. You may filter the export by Team, LSC, Region, or Gender.  Email the file to your LSC Registration Chairperson to check against their USA Swimming registration database.  The USA Swimming Registration software will print a list of swimmer's in your meet that are not currently registered or that do not have a correct USA-S Registration ID number.