Flighted Meet

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Setup / Entry Scoring Preferences / Flighted Meet and you can set the following preferences.




Minimum number of entries for the event to be flighted: This only applies to meets set-up with the Meet Type as Flighted Divisions. A Flighted Meet is one that has 2 to 4 levels of Scoring where the Athletes entered in the Event are divided equally.

Flights based on Seed Time or Finals Time: You have the choice to divide the event based on seed time or finals time.

Exclude DQ's and Exh from flight split: Checking this box will exclude DQ's and Exhibition athletes from being in the calculations for where to divide the flights. The results of these athletes will be included with the slowest flight.

Number if flights (2 to 4): You can select to have from 2 to 4 flights which will be divided as equally as possible.


As an example, if 48 Athletes are entered in the 11-12 50 Free and you choose to have 3 flights, then the fastest 16 are competing against one another, the next 16 against one another, and the slowest 16 are competing against one another.  There will be three 1st places, three 2nd places, etc.  The "Minimum number of entries for event to be flighted" question tells MM if there are enough entries to Flight the event.  In this example, if this value is 49, then the event would NOT be flighted.


Note: If an event is set up as multi-age group, the flight rules above will apply to each age group within the event. So if there are two age groups, say 13-14 with 15 swimmers and 15-18 with 25 swimmers, the 13-14 will not be split into two flights, but the 15-18 will be divided into a flight of 12 and 13 with the 13 being in the faster flight.