Race # F2 and Get Times F3 Selection

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The Race # and Get Times buttons are for retrieving times, backup button times, and splits from a timer that is connected to the MM computer.

The shortcut key for Race # is F2 and for Get Times is F3.

Get Times sends a command to the timer to return the results of a specific event number and heat number which would be the active event and heat in the Run the Meet Menu.

Race # sends a command to the timer for the results of a specific Race Number. The MM operator would enter a specific Race number. Race numbers are assigned by the timer and when a timer is turned on, it resets to Race number 1 which would be assigned to the first race saved since the timer was turned on.

When receiving times from a timer, lanes that have no times because the athlete or relay scratched or missed the race are automatically entered in the Heat List with an NS for No Show.

Get Times is the preferred method for retrieving data as it assumes the timing operator is entering the proper event and heat number for each race.

Using Race # is less safe because you can select any race result regardless of whether the event matches or not. Normally Race # is used in cases where the incorrect event and/or heat number was entered in the timer.

In both Race # and Get Times, after the results are received from the Timer, the data is compared with the active event and heat number, the number of expected splits, the number of athletes or relays in the race, and the lanes used in the race. If any of these do not match, you will be so notified and will have the opportunity to either Accept or Reject the data. In the example below, Race #1 was used to retrieve results for MM Event 7, Heat 1. Because Race #1 contained results for Event 10, Heat 2, the alert below was displayed.