How to Create Start Lists for IST

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To create start lists for the IST system with an alpha-numeric scoreboard, you must have HY-TEK's Scoreboard Interface option.

Select Network File Sharing from MM's Set-up / Scoreboard Interface menu.

When you are ready to start the meet, click Run / Interfaces / Scoreboard (GNET) / Create Start List and a file named startlist.slx will be created and placed in MM's database folder. MM will create a start list file of the whole meet regardless of the status of the events. So if an event is Un-Seeded, but you have imported or manually entered athletes or relays into lanes, the start lists will still be created for that event.

Note that the only time the start list is updated is when you click Run / Scoreboard / Create Start List. So, if you make changes to the lanes during the meet, you need to recreate start lists in order to update the start lists.