How to Manually Seed an Event

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Event with No Entries (Deck Seed the Event)

If the event has no entries in lanes, from the Preview Menu, MEET MANAGER will display the eligible Athletes or, in the case of a relay event, all the Teams.  If the eligible athletes or teams are not shown, click the Show Eligible Athletes button or the Show Relays button on the Seed Tool Bar.  You can filter this eligible list for a specific Team by choosing a Team Abbreviation from the Team pick-list on the Seed Menu Tool Bar.  To move an athlete from the Eligible Athlete list, click on an athlete name and "drag" that person up into an empty lane in the "Name" column slot. If the event is a relay, click on a team name from the Team list and "drag" that team up into an empty lane in the "Relay" column slot.   Continue as you require to fill up the heat and then click on the Add Heat button to add another heat or click on the Delete Empty Heats button and MM will delete any empty heats and adjust the heat numbers appropriately.