How to Select a Data Set for the Dolphin

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How to Select a Data Set for your Meet

A Data Set is a set of results for a given meet or session of a meet. Each time a race is completed, the Dolphin system creates a result file in C:\CTSDolphin and this file has the extension .do3 for the standard Dolphin system and .do4 for the Dolphin with Splits. The first 3 characters of the file name are numbers from 001 to 999. These three character numbers define the Data Set number. When you select a data set, you are selecting a data set of results based on the first three characters of the result files. The last 4 characters of each result file has a number from 0001 to 9999 and this is the Race Number. Each file within a data set has a unique race number. Every time the Dolphin software is started, it starts a new data set by scanning the files in C:\CTSDolphin to figure out what the highest data set number is and resets the race number back to 0001.


To select a Data Set, click on Run / Interfaces / Timer and click on Select Data Set stored from CTSD if using the standard Dolphin and Select Data Set stored from CTSS if using the Dolphin with Splits. The INTERFACE will display a window with the date and time and the number of races that have been stored for the current data set that MM is pointing to. Remember, you could be running a three day meet and The INTERFACE must know what "data set of meet data" you want to access.


Click on the Next Meet or Previous Meet buttons to select the appropriate data set. Because there is a date and time shown for when the first file in the data set was created, you can usually figure out which data set to select.


If new Data Sets with a new data set number have been added since starting MM, you can click Update Data Set and all data sets will be refreshed for selection.  If the Dolphin is being run on another computer, you can select and access the CTSDolphin folder on that computer by clicking Update Data Location. See the screen shot below: