Masters Seeding

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From the Main Menu bar, click Set-up / Seeding Preferences and click on Masters Meets to display the panel below which allows you to set some seeding rules for Masters events.




Seed by time Only: This is usually only used in Masters Meets where there are few entries.

Seed by age group, then by time: This option is usually chosen for large National Masters meets.  If you select this seeding option, then you must specify the number of age groups to skip before a residual heat is forced to be included. This number of age groups to skip is usually set to 2.

Low age for Individual Events and Low age for Relay Events: This age varies for the youngest age group depending on the country or the rules being followed. Typically it is 18-24 for individual events. The relays low age only applies to long course and short course meters and is typically 72-99 or 76-99 for relays.