Import Merge Entries File

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Select this Import option to import a HY-TEK HY3 entries file that was exported from another computer running MM 7.0.  The export file contains meet entries from another MM 7.0 Database that are to be "merged" with your Master Database.  The file name for this Entries export is always in this format: HFilexxx.HY3 where "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with"001". This file may be zipped and if it is, the zipped file name will be: Meet Entries-Meet where "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with"001".


The typical scenario for this type of situation would be having two or more volunteers doing the entries for a large meet on different computers.  One computer would be designated the Master and after the events and sessions were set up on that one computer, a Backup of that Master Database would be loaded on each of the other computers doing the entries. After the entries were completed, each of the computers doing the entries would export those entries to diskette.  Then each of those entry diskettes would be imported into the Master MM Database.


Another scenario - you may want to merge entries from two MM Databases that has been prepared by each team for a Dual meet.  The Export will offer you the option of including the Heat and Lane assignments set up by either or both teams so the heat and lane will be included when imported.


From the Main Menu Bar click on File / Import / Merge Entries (MM To MM).  MM will then import the entries that were exported from another MM Database and MM will automatically match on Event Number since these entries would be merged based on the same meet setup.