Omega PowerTime

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Click on Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Timing Console INTERFACE. Now click on the Omega PowerTime radio button and then OK. Now click on Run from the Main Menu Bar, click Timer, click Open Serial/Close Port, and choose the COM port that your PowerTime is connected to on your computer and then click OK.



Please Note

The Top-8 software in the Omega Power Time cannot be version 2.0. If you have version 2.0, download a later version from the Omega web site at


Hardware Requirements

An RS-232 serial cable with 9 pin connector on one end and a phone jack type connector on the other end can be purchased from Omega along with your PowerTime Controller.


Plug the phone jack end of the RS-232 serial cable into the left side of the PowerTime and connect the 9 pin male connector into your Com port on the HY-TEK computer. If your computer's serial port requires a 25 pin connector, HY-TEK suggests you purchase a 9 pin to 25 pin converter available at most computer supply stores. If your HY-TEK computer does not have a serial port, you will need to purchase a USB to serial adaptor and install the software than comes with the adaptor.


To send results of a race from the PowerTime to the HY-TEK PC, select PC from the "SEND RESULTS" menu of the PowerTime. The INTERFACE captures the times "in background" and stores them on your hard drive in a "dataset" as you are running the meet. Then, whenever you are ready to request them from the Run Menu using the "Get Times" button or the "Race #" button, they are retrieved from the MM computer's stored data files. Note that the PowerTime does not send splits and only sends the end of race time.