Getting Started - Overview

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MEET MANAGER (MM) has been designed and built by HY-TEK's Software Engineering staff using the very latest in computer software technology so that it can be very powerful and simple to use!   The system is menu driven  - select a menu option with your mouse or keyboard, and MEET MANAGER will route you to the appropriate data entry screen or report.


One person should be able to perform the bulk of the administrative tasks of running a meet, including entering events, teams, and athlete entries; producing the meet program using a wide range of report layout options; and entering results.   To make your task even easier, MEET MANAGER supports the import of entries from diskette or from the Internet before the meet, as well as the Import of results with splits from your Timing Console using HY-TEK's Interface software.  The INTERFACE option is special software that is designed to communicate with many different Timing Consoles including Colorado, Daktronics, and Omega.   Click Here for more information about The INTERFACE.


One of the challenges for the HY-TEK software engineering staff was to develop a product that could run any kind of swim meet, yet be simple to use!   Here is a summary list of the type of meets that can be run using MEET MANAGER:


_bm4        Timed Final
_bm4        Age Group (USS, YMCA, Rec League)
_bm4        Championship with Prelims, Semis, and Finals
_bm4        High School or College Dual or Double Dual
_bm4        Combined events such as Pentathlon, Heptathlon, or Decathlon
_bm4        Masters
_bm4        FINA
_bm4        Senior
_bm4        A/B/C
_bm4        Flighted
_bm4        Disability Type Meets
_bm4        Open Water


Another feature offered by MM is the Pro Option which provides multi-user capabilities and real-time results to the web.  This permits up to nine computers to "share" one database and permits the instant upload of HTML pages to your website.


A very real scenario might be four computers sharing one common database over a wired or wireless network set up as follows:

1.Results computer at the Timing Console area
2.Clerking and seeding computer at the check-in area
3.Report and label printing computer in the photo copy room

 4.        Reports only computer in the media area


Click Here for more information about the Pro option.