Run a Multi-Age Super Final

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A Multi-Age Super Final is a special way of seeding finals in a prelim/final multi-age group event. Assume the pool is 8 lanes and there is an event that has 13-14, 15-16, and 17 & over.  The finals would have a top 8 heat of the fastest 8 regardless of age, a top 8 heat of the remaining 13-14 year olds, a top 8 heat of the remaining 15-16 year olds, and a top 8 of the remaining 17 & over athletes. Any one of these age groups could have been set to 2 finals or 16 athletes in each age group, but the Super Final itself is always one heat.


There is also an option in the event setup to eliminate the oldest age group. In this example, if the 17 & over final was set to be eliminated, there would be a Super Final heat, a 13-14 heat and a 15-16 heat.


See Adding Events for details on setting up a Prelim/final event as a Multi-Age Super Final event.