Run a Pure Disability Meet


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This discussion is for meets which are for Disabled athletes only and the meet does not have any Able Bodied athletes competing. Generally, a Disability Meet has numerous classifications for different strokes and levels of disability. Each event result is sorted by the classification swum and so there are multiple first and second places in each event. In MEET MANAGER for Swimming, we call this "classification" a Division.  You can assign a different division to each entry in order to handle the fact that each athlere has three classifications, one for free, back, and fly, one for breast, and one for individual medley.


Here is a list of steps for you to follow to setup a Pure Disability Meet.


1.Click Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Meet Set-up. Under Meet Type, click the by Entry radio button under Divisions and under Meet Class, click the Disabled radio button. Click OK to close the Meet Set-up Menu.
2.Click Set-up from the Main Menu Bar, click Divisions/Region Names, and click Divisions. You can set-up any number of Divisions with a three-character abbreviation and up to 20 characters for the description. For example, it is suggested you make the abbreviation for freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly S1 to S17, for breaststroke make the abbreviations be B1 to B17, and for individual medley M1 to M17. The actual names should be S1 to S17, SB1 to SB17, and SM1 to SM17.
3.In order to save a lot of time, the Divisions Setup has a button and menu item named Multi-Class. If you click Multi-Class, you can setup all 51 classifications instantly. If you are only using classifications up to 14, you can choose to just create S1 to S14, etc.
4.From the Events Menu, create the events as Open events.
5.Import your entries or manually enter the entries. Make sure you enter the 3 multi-class stroke classifications for each athlete.
6.After entries are in and athletes have their 3 classification codes entered, from the Athlete Menu click the Multi-Class# menu item at the top. This will allow you to quickly assign the correct disability code to each entry without having to manually click every entry to put in the code. To manually assing a disability code to an entry, at the bottom of the Athlete Menu, click an event in yellow and under the column labeled Div click the cell for the entry and a drop down list with the Divisions will appear for you to pick from. In addition, if you have assigned a number from 1-17 for each of the three disability categories for each athlete ahead of time, when you add a new entry at the bottom of the Athlete Menu, the correct code will be automatically entered with the entry. To save a lot of time, there is another method to assing the disability code to each entry. Click here for information on how to do this.
7.In order to assign a disability Division to a relay, use the Relays Menu. At the bottom of the Relay Menu, double click any team to enter a relay for that team. After a relay is entered, click under the column labeled Div and a drop down list with the Divisions will appear for you to pick from.


That's it!  Now when you Run and Score the Meet, MM will automatically break out Place/Finish Scoring based on the disability Divisions you have specified for each entry.