Run a Double Dual Meet

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A Double Dual meet is a Timed Final meet in which 3 or more teams compete.  Team Scoring is computed by having each of the teams compete against each of the other teams.  For example, if there are 3 teams in the meet, Team scores would be computed as if there were 3 dual meets being swum for each gender.


         Men Team 1 versus Team 2                Women Team 1 versus Team 2

         Men Team 1 versus Team 3                Women Team 1 versus Team 3

         Men Team 2 versus Team 3                Women Team 2 versus Team 3


Note that the teams/schools competing in the meet must be entered in the database before going to select the teams/schools in Entry/Scoring Preferences.



Setting up and scoring this type of meet is easy using MM.  Click on Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Meet Set-up.  Select Meet Type as Standard and Meet Style as 3+ Double Dual.


After setting up the teams/schools that are competing in the meet using the Add Teams menu, to customize the team pairings to be used in computing the Dual Team Scoring, click on Set-up from the Main Menu bar and then Entry/Scoring Preferences.  Click on the 2 or 3+ Double Dual tab and then the Select Teams button at the bottom right of this screen and select which Teams and Gender are to be used in computing the Double Dual Team Scoring.


At any time during the meet, go to the Scoring Report and display or print the Double Dual Team Scoring for each of the competing teams that you have set up.  The Team Scores automatically show up on the Run Screen and are updated anytime you press the Ctrl-S button.  For example, if you press Ctrl-S when you are running event 4, MM will display the Double Dual Scoring for events 1 through 4.


Please note that MM will NOT include events in the Double Dual Scoring that have been set up as "Not to Score" in the Event Set-up.