Run Time Trials


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Time Trials are usually run at National meets to provide swimmers the opportunity to make a particular "cut" or "qualification time" for the meet or an upcoming meet.


Time Trials can be run on a separate computer, or on the same computer in the same or different directory as the National meet.  Let's review some ways to run Time Trials.


1.Use the current meet database and add events for each day's trials - for example, event 101 would represent the first event for Day 1.  Time Trial event 204 would represent the fourth event for Day 2, and so on.   When you add these events, make sure you click on the Time Trials check box so that reports for those events can be printed separately.
2.Use the MM Export Roster feature to move Roster Only information from the National meet database to the Time Trials database and set up the Time Trial events.
3.Use Backup and Restore to copy the National Meet database into a different directory.  If you wish, use the MM Purge feature to remove all of the entries in the Time Trials database.  Then, re-number the events to reflect the day of the Time Trials - event 101 being the first event for Day 1, and so on.


You can even use the Meet Entry Fee Report to collect Time Trial entry fees!