Teams Report

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Reports / Teams and MM will display the Teams Report menu screen.

For each report you have various filters and sort options.

Use the Exclude Teams With No Athletes to shorten your list of teams.

You may filter any of the reports by Region or Division.  You declare a Team's Region and Division when you first Setup a Team.

The sort is by team name, team abbreviation, or by team size. The team size feature is especially useful for USA National Masters meets.




Team Rosters

Basic: This is a basic single column report that displays the team abbreviation, the full team name, and the short team name.

Column: This is a two column report that displays the team abbreviation and the full team name only.

Athlete / Entry Count by Team: This is a statistics report that displays in columns the team abbreviation, the full team name, the number of female athletes, the number of male athletes, the total number of athletes, the number of individual entries, the number of relay entries, and the total number of entries for each team.

Athlete / Entry Count by Country: This is the same statistics report format as the one computed by team, but instead looks at the "Citizen of" country for each athlete for the athlete count and the number of individual entries and looks at the country code for each relay team's team to get the relay entries count. The report is listed by country instead of by team and can be sorted by country or by number of athletes per country. The By Country check box is not available for the Basic or 2 Column Format.


Entry Fee Summary

The Entry Fee Summary provides a simple report of what each team owes or what each athlete owes.

You can specify an Athlete Surcharge, a Team Surcharge, and a Facility Surcharge. MM will use the surcharges and the meet entry fees you set up for each event and provide a Meet Entry Summary Report for each Team. These surcharges can also be entered from the Main Menu by clicking Setup / Entry Fee Surcharges.

There are several other options that will change how the entry fees are calculated. You can include or exclude Scratches, Relay Only Alternates (5th through 8th slots), and Exhibition swims.

You can even include each athlete's detailed fee summary by clicking on the Include Athlete Names check box.

The Separate Page Each Team allows you to provide a simple fee sheet summary to each team.

The Entry Fee Report honors the check boxes set in the Teams Menu for whether a given team will be charged any of the three surcharges or not. The three surcharges that can be exempted for a given team are the Team Surcharge, the Facility Surcharge, and/or the Athlete Surcharge.

Check the Include Time Trial check box to calculate and display only fees for time trials in the generated report.

Check the Only Time Trial check box to list only Time Trial events.




Contacts / Address List

For the Contacts and Address List, you a number of choices as to what to include as illustrated below.