Ultrak L10

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To download times from the Ultrak L10, you must be in the OW Module. To select the OW Module, click Run / OW Module, select an event, and then click Download at the top.


Time the race with the Ultrak L10 timer. On the timer, press the Mode button to select either 1: Track or 2: Road. Press 2 for Road and the press Enter to select 1 Wave. You can time in either Single chute mode or Multi chute mode. Skip the Test on the timer and you are ready to time the race. After the race is over, press the STOP/RESET button. Next click the Start Download button from within the MM Download window to move into the mode where it can receive data. Now press the SET/RESULT button on the Ultrak L10 and MM will capture the times coming through the serial report and save the data in a result file that has the extension .ul2.


After the download is complete, see the next section on Reading the Downloaded File at the bottom of the Open Water Button Timer Interfaces topic.